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Residential Roof Replacement

Expert Roof Replacement Services in Arvada & surrounding cities

At some point in time, every roofing system will reach the end of its lifespan. When the time comes, scheduling roof replacement services will prevent damage that could compromise the condition of your home.  

At Restoration Contractors LLC, our contractors provide expertise and reliability throughout the roof replacement process to improve the condition of your home. Regardless of your existing roof’s size, age, condition, or material, we can replace your roof with skill and efficiency.

High-Quality Roofing Materials For Arvada Homeowners

Roof Repair Arvada CO | Restoration Contractors

Roofing materials are one of the most critical choices when replacing your roof. At Restoration Contractors LLC, our trained, qualified team affirms that our roofing materials are of the highest quality. Our experienced restoration contractors understand how each roof replacement decision impacts your roofing system’s overall strength.

Roofing materials have dramatically different lifespans, appearances, prices, and susceptibility to damage. With this in mind, your choice of roofing material will influence your roof’s longevity, future repair costs, and even your home’s curb appeal.

The team at Restoration Contractors LLC can help you select the best roofing material for your needs. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each material to determine the right fit for your home. Once you’ve decided, we’ll obtain the highest quality, competitively priced roofing materials to construct your new roofing system.


Roofing Materials For Longevity

Longevity is often a priority for homeowners replacing their roofs. The material, along with expert installation, is a key factor in how long a roofing system will last. The Restoration Contractors LLC team will assist you in choosing a roofing material that’s long-lasting, resistant to damage, and within your budget. 


The typical lifespan of these common roofing materials are:


  • Asphalt roofing: 15 to 30 years
  • Metal roofing: 40 to 70 years 
  • Slate roofing: 50 to 100 years (or longer)
  • Wooden roofing: 30 years 


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your roofing system lasts for as long as possible. Restoration Contractors LLC provides roof inspections, repairs, and maintenance along with professional roof replacement services. After installing your new roof, we’ll help you keep up with annual inspections and ongoing repairs. Annual inspections can distinguish between a roof that falls short of its expected lifespan and one that exceeds it. 


Expertise Throughout The Roof Replacement Process

The process of replacing an Arvada roof has several steps. To complete the job correctly, you need a roofing team with experience in each stage of the process. 

At Restoration Contractors LLC, we take pride in our professionalism and skill throughout every step of a roof replacement, including:


  • Existing roof removal


Before installing your new roofing system, we’ll need to remove your existing roof. We have the equipment and techniques to remove your current roof efficient, organized fashion. With this initial step, we lay the foundation for a smooth, successful roof replacement. 


  • Wood deck inspection


Next, the wood decking beneath your old roofing materials needs to be inspected. The decking is the base of the roof and must be in good condition to support the entire roofing system. 

If, in the inspection, our contractors find that the wood decking has sustained damage, such as splintering, rotting, or general water damage, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Once the decking is in good condition, we can continue the roof replacement process.


  • Roof surface preparation


Before installing roofing materials, we’ll need to prepare the roof surface. This step involves installing underlayment and a drip edge. These components protect the wood decking from damage due to water exposure.

Our contractors will install the underlayment and drip edge with skill and precision to prevent damage in the long run. 


  • Material installation


With the roof surface fully prepared, we can install the new materials. Roofing materials can have varied installation processes. The weight of the material, among other factors, affects how long this step will take. 

At Restoration Contractors LLC, our expert contractors install roofing materials with the utmost care and consistency. The quality of the installation is essential, given that errors during this step can lead to damage down the line. No matter your chosen roofing material, we’ll ensure that the installation process is completed impeccably.  


  • Cleanup


With your new roofing materials carefully installed, it’s cleanup time! Tools, equipment, and debris must be cleaned up after the installation process to enjoy your newly-upgraded home. 

After replacing your Arvada roofing system, our team will clean up the area around your home, ensuring that no trace of a construction site is left behind. Your home will be in the same condition as when we found it, but with a brand-new roof for you to enjoy!


  • Final inspection


Before we drive away, we’ll complete a final inspection of your roof. This step ensures no flaws in the roofing system, and no mistakes were made during installation. Our final inspection ensures the quality of your new roof so that you can feel confident in its strength and longevity. 


Accomplished Roofing Contractors in Arvada, Colorado

A roof replacement is one of the most significant, involved home improvement projects you can embark on. Given the scale of a roof replacement, along with its impact on your entire home, you shouldn’t take any chances when choosing a roofing contractor. 

The contractors at Restoration Contractors LLC in Arvada, Colorado, are highly skilled, trained, and experienced. Our contractors provide incomparable service with extensive industry know-how and a nuanced understanding of today’s top roof replacement methods. You can trust our contractors to deliver excellence from the initial inspection to the project completion. 


Cost-Effective Roof Replacement Solutions

Roof replacements can come at a high cost. After all, your roof is your home’s main line of defense against the elements. When hail, snow, high winds, and intense sunshine compromise your roof beyond repair, a roof replacement will protect your home from damage. 

At Restoration Contractors LLC, we’re committed to providing industry-leading roof replacement services at competitive prices. When you turn to us for a roof replacement, we’ll work with you to develop a cost-effective plan. We can provide options that fit within any budget, ensuring that your new roof delivers on quality and affordability. 


Year-Round Arvada Roof Replacements

Customers often ask us the best time of year to schedule a roof replacement. Severe winter weather can indeed curb a roof replacement. However, if your roof is due for a replacement, you should have it done as quickly as possible to prevent property damage. 

Leaving a damaged roof alone can result in further damage. When you wait before having your roof replaced, a leak could develop. Roofing leaks can damage the interior of your home, leading to water stains, mold development, paint damage, and more. 

Restoration Contractors LLC works throughout the year to provide reliable roof replacement services. We pledge to fulfill your roofing needs all year round to keep your home safe from damage. 


Gain Peace of Mind With Your Next Roof Replacement

Your Arvada home is one of your most essential investments. With the range of weather conditions we experience here in Colorado, your home also needs to be protected. 

The roof is your home’s primary protection against rain, hail, snow, wind, and sun. With each passing storm, you’ll want to feel confident in your roof’s ability to safeguard your property. 

When weather damage and the strain of age break down your roof, a roof replacement from Restoration Contractors LLC can give you peace of mind. Our trusted Arvada roof installation services result in strong, long-lasting, and weather-resistant roofing systems. 

So, with a brand-new roof from the team at Restoration Contractors LLC, you can trust that your home is protected against Colorado’s full range of weather conditions. 


Choose Restoration Contractors LLC For Quality and Dependability

A roof replacement is a sizable investment. So, finding an Arvada roofing company that you can count on for consistency, quality, and longevity is crucial. With the right team on your side, you can trust that your new roof will last for decades. 

Restoration Contractors LLC is a dependable roofing company in Arvada. Colorado homeowners widely trust our affordable, first-rate roof replacement services. 

Has it been a while since your roof was first installed? Contact Restoration Contractors LLC today to schedule an initial inspection. One of our experienced contractors will assess your roof’s condition and recommend roof replacement solutions to suit your needs. 

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