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You should absolutely call a roofing company in Lakewood/Denver and roof hail damage repair company Denver first after a hail storm. Not all hail will damage a roof. As soon as you call your insurance company you have initiated a claim. A claim is kind of like a driving record. Every claim stays on your record for 5-7 years regardless of whether or not you receive any compensation. The higher amount of claims on your record, the more “at risk” you are considered by insurance providers. Having a high amount of claims on your record can lead to higher insurance premiums or your insurance policy being cancelled by your current provider. Not only this, but a roofer can usually get to you faster than an adjuster after a big hail storm. They can make emergency repairs if needed to ensure that you don’t incur further damage.

There are many variables that go into replacing a roof. How many layers are there? Will it require new OSB sheathing? Is there adequate ventilation? What grade of shingle are you replacing with? The fact of the matter is that it’s hard to put give an “average” cost when every roof is different. However, Remodeling Magazine estimated the national average cost of an asphalt shingle reroof at $16,287 for 2020. We’ve replaced roofs from $5,000 to $60,000 and recommend scheduling a time for one of our estimators come out to discuss the details and desires for your roofing project to determine the cost. We always give our clients several options to ensure that we’re adequately meeting their needs.

A smaller house can be a 1 day job and on larger houses it can generally be between 1 and 3 days. If we have to replace the decking (plywood) it will extend the amount of time, generally by 1 more day.

That’s simple: they make the best asphalt impact resistant shingle on the market. Colorado is the hail capitol of the world. In fact, we surpassed Texas in 2019 for the most claims filed for hail. With the amount of changes that are occuring throughout the insurance industry it’s no longer sustainable to replace a roof every 5 years. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most durable products while not breaking the bank. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable product that one can install on their home. However, not all impact resistant shingles are created equal. That’s why we’ve partnered with Malarkey Roofing Products. Because their values align with ours in terms of providing the customer with an excellent product. They recognized the level of our workmanship and have designated us as one of their Certified Residential Contractors.

That depends on the type of shingle that is installed. The majority of roofs in Colorado are asphalt shingles. While most manufacturers give a 50 year warranty on their shingles, the truth is that you can expect to get 20-30 years of life out of an asphalt product in Colorado. Our climate and sun exposure have a lot to do with the life expectancy in the front range.

We are licensed in every municipality from Colorado Springs to Longmont. We carry a $2,000,000 general liability policy.

You will be assigned a project manager that will call you within about 2 weeks to schedule your roof replacement. The project manager will also confirm the shingle and drip edge colors to make sure the correct material is ordered. A few days before the reroof is scheduled the project manager will call to go over a checklist. The checklist consists of making sure there are no pots or lawn art close to the house, making sure the gate is unlocked and the crew has access to an outlet, making sure cars are out of a detached garage and arranging to pick up the deposit check on the day of the build. After the project is complete the crew will do a cleanup of the property. In addition we send another employee over the next day to double check and make sure everything is cleaned up. We schedule a final inspection with the building department and the roof is inspected generally the next day. The project manager will call the homeowner after the inspection with the results and see if everything is satisfactory. We have a supplement department that works with the insurance company to complete the final payment. After the final check is sent to the homeowner we send an invoice that matches the final payment from the insurance company to be paid online or by check.